Thursday, May 17, 2007

Trading Tips for TRCR and DUSO

I'm looking for the Nasdaq to drop 15 points or so at some point tomorrow. The Dow should also close down, ending another week at a record close. TRCR continues to soar with minor pullbacks. I'm looking for this to gain 5% in the next day or two. Consider entering in the low $15's and selling around $16 as it fills the gap from a few days ago. Feeling lucky? Try your luck with. DUSA. Today was its first day to run, up 70% for the day. Consider entering at $5 if possible, this should hit at least $5.50 for a nice 10% gain. Be careful and watch it closely, and don't get greedy. Take the 10%. Good luck to all.

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Monday, April 30, 2007

Too Far Too Fast

We all know the drill, the market has soared the past week and needs to retest support areas. I expect the Nasdaq to test its 20 day moving average tomorrow back down at 2,500 or a lost of 25 points. It should hold as the market is definitely pushing higher since the Dow crossed 13,000 last week, and yes the Dow will most likely reach for support back at 13,000. I expect both indices to hold support. What stocks are hot? There really aren't any worth mentioning. Considering the market downturn, this is a good time to pick up some bargains. Such as SOLF when it touches around $14.00 and TSL when it touches around $50.00 at its 50 day support. I expect this to happen this week. If you feel you must, but I certainly don't recommend it, short TSL from $53 and cover at $50 for around a 5
% gain. Remember DNDN is looking pretty attractive as we enter into May, this will gain momentum over the next two weeks, have patience, be smart and buy now not later.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dow May Hit 13,000

Looks like the market should stay in rally mode this week and we might see the Dow hit 13,000! There is a lot of optimism going around right now and solar remains hot. SOLF looks poised to move above $16 tomorrow and TSL looks ready to cross into the $60 range again. This is where it's at and more and more investors will jumping on driving the price higher. In all of this madness, the biotechs have been cooling and losing ground all the while. This is normally a sign to get in before the enthusiasm shifts back over to the biotechs. It might not happen this week as I think solar will reign, but cheap prices are available and stocks such as DNDN will begin to move higher when we enter May. Let's see how the week starts off tomorrow, good luck to all.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Market Surging Higher

Just like that SOLF posted good news and closed back at $16. More fuel for the fire as this one will continue to shoot higher. With the recent interest in it lately I think we will see it hit $18 before close on Friday. As mentioned in the previous post, the Nasdaq reached back for support at 2,500 but only closed down a few points. This market is hot as the DJIA just hit a new high today, prepare for Euphoria as these Solar stocks continue to push higher with the surging market.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Analyst Shoots Solar Down

Just like that when solar stocks were exploding an analyst "downgraded" SOLF from sector outperform to sector perform. This sent SOLF down to 15% to close at $15 today. What a dissapointment, but I will say sector perform will be robust indeed and I still look for this to aim towards $20 sooner than we see $12 or $13 again. Great time to buy, sorry but I can't predict these downgrades and negative news stories that seem to hit right after I post a recommendation. When this news comes out disregard my posting until further notice. I am looking for the market to sell off moderately tomorrow with the disappointing earnings news from Intel and Yahoo. It looks like the Nasdaq might retest support at 2,500. With momentum possible shifting out of Solar this might be a good time to get back into the Biotechs for the next ride up, and yes it will come as the May 15th FDA approval for DNDN gets closer every day.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

SOLF Finally Lifts Off!!

The market continued its rally today as did TSL but it exceeded my expectations! Good economic news such as good 1Q profits and no suggestion of a possible recession sent the market soaring. Solar stocks are scorching hot right now, don't miss out. I thought TSL would top at $60, but it approached $69 today. Wow, did I underestimate its potential or what? I think TSL will gain another 10% this week with short covering and sheer popularity. I have always favored SOLF as you can see in my previous posts and I knew it held much more value than $13 per share. It rocketed 35% today to a new all time high of $17.69 and it is trading over $18 after hours. I'm looking for this to touch $20 per share tomorrow and who knows from there, it's tough to predict a top when people get crazy eyes and buy at higher and higher prices. One thing is for sure, based on earnings and P/E ratios of its peers, SOLF should be shooting for $25 soon.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

TSL Should Top Tomorrow

Considering the strength the market showed heading into the weekend, I expect the market to continue to rally early on tomorrow. I'm looking for a modest gain in the Nasdaq, but it should have some resistance around 2,500.00. TSL once again was the hot stock on Friday,
as it continued to surge higher. I think it will continue to rally but top out near $60.00 share in early trade. It has gone too far too fast, and needs to retrace a bit back to $55.50. I would only recommend a trade if this opens near $58, if you trade with a online brokerage you might be able to grap a 4% trade. Good luck and be careful as I think this will peak tomorrow and cool off a little.

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